Home exterior lit by security lighting installed by Acadiana Comfort Systems

Prepare Yourself for the Worst-Case Scenario

Work with a preferred electrical contractor in Abbeville or Lafayette, LA

At Acadiana Comfort Systems, our electrical installations offer so much more than just style and convenience. We sell the comfort and peace of mind to know our products will work when you need them most. From emergency generators to security lighting, trust your local electrical contractor to keep you safe in Lafayette, LA.

Our customer-focused company is dedicated to electrical installations that will work in the worst conditions. We offer emergency generator services, security lighting and floodlighting at affordable rates. Call 337-896-7543 today to discuss your electrical needs in the Abbeville or Lafayette, LA area.

What are the major benefits of an emergency generator?

Would your family be able to cope with a long-term power outage? An emergency generator offers a number of important benefits, including:

  • Preventing valuable food from spoiling
  • Keeping life-saving equipment, like respirators or IV systems, running
  • Saving you from major injuries in the dark
Never rely on the power grid alone to keep you safe and sound. Contact us today to learn more about our emergency generator installation services.