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Top-Rated Furnace Installation in Broussard, LA


The furnace keeps us warm and cozy especially when waiting out the long cold winter. More often than not, we would not give the furnace much attention until it malfunctions and you end up shivering from the cold. However, if you have an old furnace that is bent out of shape then you might want to consider having it replaced with a new one.

At Acadiana Comfort, our certified and professional HVAC technicians will work on your furnace installation Broussard, LA with no delay. We all operate on the philosophy of providing professional, reliable, and fast workmanship to give you peace of mind.

Should You Replace Your Furnace?

  • Old Age.Like humans, your furnace can get old and weak too. Furnaces have an average life expectancy of 15 years. However, as your furnace adds up in years, it also becomes prone to breakdowns and frequent repairs. So, the best thing to do then is to buy a new furnace for your home heating needs.
  • Loud Strange Noises.Have you been hearing loud irritating noises coming from your heater? It would typically have that rattling or screeching sound that should cause an alarm and signal you to contact a professional furnace technician to check on the condition of your furnace. Once you hear these weird noises, it would normal indicate damaged or loose mechanical parts.
  • Hot and Cold Spots.If you have a furnace that has been with you for ages then you would probably experience hot and cold areas in your home. The problem usually arises from having an old furnace that badly needs repairs or replacement.
  • Increase in Energy Bills.With an old furnace, it would usually struggle or work harder to produce heat, which in turn, increases your energy bills. So, if you notice a sudden rise in your energy bills, then your old furnace is to blame. 

What is the Best Furnace Type for Me?

Well, it would really depend on your comfort needs and how much you’re willing to invest to achieve a warm, safe, and comfortable home. There are different furnaces in the market that can fit your space, budget, and lifestyle. Here is a brief guide on what furnace fits you best:

  • Price. When choosing your furnace, stop yourself from choosing the cheapest option. Sure, there are budget-friendly options out there but it will all boil down on the performance, reliability, and efficiency that your chosen furnace can deliver. While your budget consideration is important, furnaces are definitely worth your investment. Go for an option that will help you save more in the long run.
  • Performance. Every home deserves a heater than can provide a stable, safe, and even heating performance. Go with the furnace that is reliable and robust so that you can use your furnace for an extended period of time. 
  • Fuel Type. Choose a furnace fuel type that is accessible, safe, and fits your budget. Gas is definitely a popular chose. While electric furnaces tend to be more affordable to purchase and install, it actually costs more to run and maintain.
  •  Efficiency. Always look for a higher AFUE because it also denotes a higher efficiency level. Gas furnaces are highly efficient so if this is your top consideration then that is definitely a perfect choice. 

Replace Your Old Furnace Today!

Are you planning to replace your old furnace? Then Acadiana Comfort can help you choose the best furnace that will be worth your investment. We provide top-rated and reliable furnace installation Broussard, LA to help save the day! We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our furnace installation, repair, and maintenance services because we have the best team on-board to serve you 24/7.

Contact us now for a free consultation and to get your new furnace today!

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