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Hassle-Free and Cost-Efficient AC Repair in Broussard, LA


When the sun comes up and the temperature literally shoots way up, make sure that your AC is ready for summer. Yes, summer is just around the corner and you have to make sure that your air conditioner can keep you cool and comfortable at home. If you would need AC repair Broussard, LA then now is the time to do it.

Warning Signs that Your AC Needs Repair

So, how do you know that your AC would need some TLC? Below are the signs that show your air conditioning system needs repair:

  • Blows Warm Air. The main purpose of having an AC at home is to keep you and your family refreshed and cool even in the hot months. However, if your air conditioner starts to blow warm air (rather than cold) then it might be the thermostat. Check your thermostat and make sure that it’s set to cooling mode. If the vents are still blowing warm air then it might have a deeper problem like clogged air filters or perhaps some compressor issues that needs to be fixed right away. 
  • Restricted Airflow. If the airflow feels a little restricted or insufficient, then there could be a blockage somewhere. It could be a damaged motor or clogged air filters that denies you that generous supply of cool air. If the problem is poor airflow, then you need to check into what Acadiana Comfort can offer you with exceptional AC repair Broussard, LA. You’ll definitely get the cooling power you deserve with our team manning your air conditioning systems. 
  • Constant Cycles.While it’s normal for your AC to have routine cycles especially during summer, it really shouldn’t be frequent that it constantly would turn on and off. If you are experiencing this often, then it might be time for an air conditioner tune-up or repair. 
  • Extremely Humid.If you are feeling the extra level of humidity indoors then there’s something off with your air conditioning system. Your indoors must have a moderate humidity level to keep you comfortable so if it’s not doing its job well then an AC repair or maintenance could be the solution. 
  • Water Leaks.Your AC would normally produce some water or condensation while operating. However, the liquids shouldn’t leak and create a pool of water into your home. If there is an active leak coming from your AC then that’s a warning sign that it needs qualified and expert technicians to look into it. Neglecting AC repair can lead to water damage so it’s best to take care of the problem right away. 
  • Foul Odor.If you smell something icky then it could be coming from your AC system. Your air conditioner would probably need deep cleaning or repairs on the ductwork depending on the diagnosis of our expert team of technicians. 
  • Loud Noise.It’s normal for air conditioners to produce some noise when it starts up. However, if the noise becomes louder or gets crazy like rattling or grinding noise then you might have some issues deep down your AC system. 

Air Conditioner Problems No More!

At Acadiana Comfort, your comfort is our business. We are passionate towards providing our customers the locked-in convenience of having a good working and efficient air conditioner right in time for the hot season.

If you have been having problems with your AC, then why wait? Let the experts and professional technicians at Acadiana Comfort take over AC repair in Broussard, LA. Contact us now at 337-636-6147 to get a free estimate and book your AC repair right away!

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