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Professional AC Installation in Lafayette, LA & Nearby Areas


Your home or business A/C and heating system isn’t only there to keep your home comfortable; it also affects the air you breathe. Indoor air quality is an increasingly important concern. Tiny particles affect your airways and cause allergies or asthma attacks in susceptible people. All our air conditioners have dedicated filters that remove dust and debris from the air.

Our technicians can further adapt your HVAC system with higher-grade filters and specialist equipment for vastly improved air quality. Our services also include regular filter replacements and upgrades. The air quality service includes an indoor air quality audit, as well as a quick analysis of your HVAC system. Even small changes produce great results, leaving a home or office feeling amazing thanks to the pristine air quality.

More About Our Professional Air Conditioning Installation

Before installing any heating and cool system, we perform a property assessment to determine the right type and size of HVAC to install. If an A/C is too large for your property, it will be energy inefficient. If the unit is not large enough, it will deliver inadequate cooling and shorten its useful lifespan. We have ductless systems for small residential and commercial properties that have no ductwork and a central air conditioning system for larger properties.

Centralized systems deliver optimal indoor air quality and climate control throughout your premises, no matter the size of the area. If you want a cooling system that delivers superior energy efficiency and simultaneous cooling, you could also go for a heat pump. There is an HVAC system for every budget, and our team completes quick and reliable air conditioning installation. Lafayette, LA, installations also come with impressive warranties, and we offer financing options for a new air conditioner. Call today to discover our available A/C options—our experts will be happy to provide all the information you need.

Benefits of New Air Conditioning Installation, Lafayette, LA

As any Lafayette local knows, the area can reach up to a sweltering 91 degrees Fahrenheit in summer. If your current A/C is over a decade old, it likely provides insufficient cooling and consumes a lot of power.

Our professional A/C replacement provides the following benefits:

Superior cooling and improved indoor air quality
Fewer visits for A/C repair as the new system installation runs smoothly and efficiently
Reduced power usage from the latest A/C models that are far more energy-efficient than five years ago
Cost savings with an A/C replacement that reduces your power bills between 20 and 40% in the long run
Noiseless performance with a new A/C that makes minimal sounds and keeps your premises peaceful
Comfort Features of newer A/C models that include smart controls and programmable thermostats

If you are unsure about replacing your current A/C, contact our technicians for an inspection of your unit and sound advice.

Keep Your Newly Installed A/C Problem-Free

At Acadiana Comfort Systems, we only install A/Cs from leading brands that manufacture the most reliable and energy-efficient products. However, without preventative maintenance, your newly installed A/C can still go wrong. We recommend scheduling annual tune-ups to keep your A/C looking and performing like new.

Regular maintenance will prevent sudden breakdowns, protect your warranty, and keep your unit energy efficient. During each visit, our professionals clean the A/C’s components and inspect the unit for wear and tear. If we notice even the smallest defect, we will fix it before it compromises your A/C’s performance.

Regular HVAC Maintenance Matters

Why Choose Us?

Our experience is in cooling systems from every brand, which equips us to maintain any system. These A/C installation services are available to home and business owners all over Lafayette and the surrounding area. If you want advice or help to choose a replacement or new project installation, our industry professionals are well-equipped to walk you through the options.

As a local business, our priority is customer service and performance excellence. We want to make our heating and cooling services as convenient as possible, and every technician commits to continuous training that equips them to offer the most cost-effective solutions. Our pricing is also transparent and competitive. If you need us after-hours, we deliver emergency services day or night. Other reasons to choose us for air conditioning installation, Lafayette, LA, include:

Top-notch customer care from our knowledgeable local team
Fully certified technicians
No mess after the job
Honest advice

Call Acadiana Comfort Systems today at (337) 896-7543 to discuss your cooling needs and schedule an A/C installation. We offer AC Service Lafayette LA | HVAC Repair Lafayette LA | you can count on.

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