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Reach out to Acadiana Comfort Systems for quality furnace installation in Lafayette, LA, and surrounding areas. There is a reason why gas furnaces have become one of the most preferred heating systems in the country. They are durable, energy-efficient, and can quickly provide you with the levels of comfort you desire.

At Acadiana Comfort Systems, we are committed to providing you with comprehensive furnace installation services, bringing you a little bit closer to the total comfort you seek.

What Furnace Should I Get?

When you are looking to install a new heating system in your home, getting the right furnace is a crucial first step. Different furnaces offer a wide range of benefits and provide you with varying levels of comfort. Ultimately, the right furnace depends on your needs and situation. Though we have specialized in installing different kinds of furnaces over the years, the most common types we install are gas and electric furnaces.

Gas furnaces are highly-effective and very energy efficient. They run on clean-burning fuels like natural gas and can easily keep you and your family warm during the coldest months. Alternatively, you could opt for electric furnaces. We can install these types of furnaces in any home that has a power grid. They are also more affordable than gas furnaces.

Factors To Consider

Considering how vital the furnace will be, we can understand the difficulties involved in choosing one. Fortunately, some factors can help guide you and make your decision easier.

Fuel Source

The fuel your furnace uses impacts its day-to-day use. Different fuel sources have their benefits and setbacks. We recommend considering how each fuel source would affect not just your home but your lifestyle. Gas furnaces need you to have a gas line connection. Electric furnaces use your home’s power line connections but might not be an economical option. You could also opt for oil furnaces that store flammable oil in on-site tanks. They are the best option if you don’t have access to other utilities.

Your Home’s Size

Buying a furnace that is too small will mean overworking it, which would increase your utility bill. It will also require more maintenance. Buying one that is too big will cause it to adjust itself to maintain the desired temperature continuously. This adjustment would lead to your furnace turning off when it overshoots, forcing you to power it back on.


You also want to consider how efficient the furnace performs. The annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating will tell you the fuel percentage the furnace uses when heating your home. Though those with higher ratings are costly, they are more efficient and would limit their fuel use. This efficiency could save you a lot in the long run.

Maintenance Expectations

While maintenance isn’t often the first thing on your mind when buying a new furnace, knowing what it would take to keep your furnace working for a long time is a significant factor to consider. While every furnace will need regular maintenance, you don’t want to pick a model that will have you constantly calling us to come to repair it.

Let us provide your home with the warmth your family needs. Our technicians will evaluate your needs, make recommendations, and install the furnace of your choice, ensuring optimal performance before leaving.

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