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Top-Caliber Air Conditioning in Broussard, LA


Air conditioning systems vary in size, shape; model, make, and features but they all have one thing in common. The job of air conditioners is to provide cool air for every home and also to repel humidity. The cold air is transferred indoors while the heat and humidity is flushed outside. 

At Acadiana Comfort, our goal is to provide you a cool and relaxing home that has pure quality air. You deserve the best indoor air quality and cooling capacity, and that is our focus with air conditioning Broussard, LA.

HVAC System Process

A standard AC has a compressor, evaporator coil, condenser coil, and refrigerant. These components help undergo the cooling cycle of converting gas to liquid. It’s the compressor’s job to increase both the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant gas as it flows to the condenser coil, hereinafter converted to its liquid form. 

The refrigerant goes inwards and travels to the evaporator coils. Once the liquid evaporates, it then cools the indoor coil. In turn, the fan will blow the indoor air streaming through the evaporator coil. The heat that has pooled inside your home is absorbed by the refrigerant. The cool air will flow through your space while the heated gas will be flushed outside. The entire cycle continues until your home achieves its ideal temperature. 

What are the Different AC Components?

The different components of your AC helps it performs optimally in cooling your home. Below are its main components: 


The warm air found indoors is now drawn outside as it flows through the valve, regulating air circulation. The air then moves to the evaporator coil and sucks the heat from indoor air. As the refrigerant does a good job with heat absorption, it then reverts back to gas and moves into the compressor.


The compressor works like a pump that helps reduce gas volume as it also pumps up the pressure and temperature needed for condensation.


The heat inside your home will be carried by condenser with the help of the refrigerant outside of your home. It’s now in vapor form and once the outdoor air absorbs the heat, it is reverted to liquid once again. So, when the heat is flushed outside, the cold refrigerant now goes back inside of your home through the evaporator and repeats the cycle. 

Health Benefits of Air Conditioning

Did you know that apart from cooling your home, your AC can also provide you immense health benefits? Outlined below are some of the health benefits you can get from using an air conditioning system:

Gets Rid of Dust and Allergens

Air conditioning in Broussard, LA helps purify your home of harmful allergens, dust, and pollen so it won’t circulate in your home. The air filter’s job is to clean indoor air so you can be assured of healthy and pure air inside your home. 

Prevents Heat Stroke

Once summer kicks in, the level of temperature rises as well. With that being said, the risk of having a heat stroke in the hot months also increases. When you an AC system installed, you have peace of mind that you’re protected from dangers of having a heat stroke especially in the middle of summer. 

Relaxing Sleep

When you have a cool bedroom, it’s easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. Having a comfortable bed and cool room for that much-needed rest is all you need to sleep better. You get good quality of sleep with an air conditioning system that functions optimally. 

Ready for a Cool Summer?

We make summer more fun and cool for you here at Acadiana Comfort with our top-of-the-line air conditioning Broussard, LA. For more information and to schedule for air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance; contact us at (337) 896-7543 and we’ll rush to help! 

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