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Maintenance Plans


Discover the advantages of regular A/C and heater maintenance services with Acadiana Comfort Systems. One of the most important things you can do as a homeowner is to keep your heating and cooling units in their best possible conditions by scheduling regular HVAC maintenance. You could enjoy various benefits by simply opting for the professional maintenance service that Acadiana Comfort Systems offers residents in Lafayette, LA.

Advantages of HVAC Maintenance

Here are four top benefits of opting for HVAC maintenance. 

Saves Energy

A lot can happen to your heating and air conditioning units, affecting their performance and efficiency. Our trained technicians will inspect your units, ensuring that they are running as efficiently as possible. An efficiently running HVAC system can save you a significant amount of energy. 

Keeps Your Home Safe

A malfunctioning heating or air conditioning unit can expose you and your family to certain health risks. For instance, gas furnaces can leak dangerous carbon monoxide into your home. We can identify any potential risks and fix them through regular maintenance before they pose significant threats to your household.

Avoids Unnecessary Repairs

Regular maintenance allows our expert technicians to detect and resolve problems early on before they worsen and significantly affect your unit’s operation. Ensuring that your units are in tip-top shape will help you avoid costly, unnecessary repairs in the future.

Extends Lifespan

One of HVAC maintenance’s most significant benefits is that it extends your heating and cooling units’ lifespan, allowing them to keep serving you for years to come.

Enjoy all the benefits regular HVAC maintenance promises to provide. Thanks to the maintenance plans we offer, we have made keeping your home comfortable even more manageable. You can count on our certified and highly qualified professionals to detect and resolve issues quickly, ensuring your air conditioner and furnace stay in optimal condition all year-round.

Why Should I Sign Up for Acadiana Comfort’s Maintenance Services?

We have already touched on the many benefits regular maintenance offers. Sometimes, however, because of our busy schedules, we can easily forget to schedule that maintenance. By the time we come around to it, it might be too late. With one of our maintenance plans, you can leave your HVAC system in the trustworthy and capable hands of our reliable technicians. Our professionals will:

Conduct regular inspections, making sure that your furnace and A/C are in good condition 
Create a personalized maintenance plan that will ensure your HVAC units continue working
Provide priority services whenever issues arise

Maintenance Plan Details

You could opt for our Preferred Customer Program, which, at a monthly fee of $21 for one system, would give you: 

Free filter delivery 
Faster service call response times 
$25 emergency service call- any time, any day!
10% discounts on parts 
Two Tune-ups a year (A/C in the spring and heater in the                  fall)
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