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We provide prompt, quality HVAC and electrical services that meet your requirements and budget.

You can buy indoor air quality monitoring equipment in the market, but it can be a bit costly. A good product usually costs hundreds of dollars. Also, they are usually not made to monitor all pollutants present in the air, such as mold spores. So the best bet is to let professionals do the job. 

If you hear noises coming from your air conditioning system that you haven’t heard before, something is likely wrong with your unit. A cooling system can make a variety of sounds, depending on the problem. For instance, a unit with airflow issues may make high-pitch whistling sounds. If an internal component has come loose, you may hear a banging sound. A problem with the motor or capacitor may cause a buzzing sound. 

If your A/C is relatively new, but you notice a decline in its efficiency, try doing the following:

  • Keep the vents free from dirt and debris.
  • Keep the condenser unit clean.
  • Keep the doors and windows closed 
  • Keep the drain line clear
  • Don’t place the thermostat near heat-producing appliances or warm areas. 
  • Fix any leaks
  • Insulate exposed ductwork
  • Change the A/C filter
  • Get routine system maintenance

Whatever your HVAC, IAQ or Electrical needs are, our team has got you covered!

At Acadiana Comfort, ourHVAC IAQ and Electrical Services Lafayette team handles everything related to HVAC and electrical. Equipped with professional training, years of experience, and innovative tools, our technicians can install, repair and tune up heating and cooling systems of all make and models. Our technicians are also licensed to handle a wide array of electrical jobs.

In every project that you leave to the hands of our techs, we will make sure you’ll get a result that meets, if not exceeds, your expectations. We hold every team member to a higher regard for quality, providing excellent services and making the client experience as pleasant and seamless as possible.

Acadiana Comfort offers the following services:

We offer quality HVAC services to help keep your living or working environment comfortable all year round.

It’s a challenge to stayHVAC Services Lafayette productive or at least have a relaxing day at home during the weather extremes without a properly working HVAC system. So Acadiana Comfort techs are here if something goes wrong with your heating and cooling system, looking for help with the installation of a brand new unit, or just want a professional unit tune-up service. 

Acadiana Comfort is a trusted provider of a wide range of HVAC services in Lafayette, LA and nearby areas. When you call our team for an HVAC service, we’ll make sure we’ll arrive in the work area on time, finish the work right the first time, and respect your property and everyone around.

We can handle the following HVAC tasks:

Keep Your Place Bright & Aesthetically Pleasing With Our Electrical Services

It takes more than just theElectrical Services Lafayette right temperature to make an indoor space comfortable. At Acadiana Comfort, our technicians are also adept with lighting installation. We’ll work closely with your contractor to make your indoor environment look bright and amazing. 

You can also count on our team for outdoor lighting and emergency generator installation. Learn more about our electrical services below:

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality With Our Proven Effective IAQ Solutions

It shouldn’t be enough to justIndoor Air Quality Lafayette make your home or office comfortable. It should also be safe for occupants. Among the dangers that lurk inside your property are germs, bacteria, allergens and other pollutants. At Acadiana Comfort, we can install quality IAQ solutions proven to get rid or minimize indoor pollutants so you can enjoy fresher and cleaner indoor air.

Looking for a One-Stop Shop for Your HVAC, IAQ, and Electrical Needs? Contact Us!

When your HVAC system fails to provide you with the comfort you need or your place just seems too dark and the indoor air quality is quite poor, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll be more than delighted to be at your service. Please tell us your needs or requirements by calling us at (337) 896-7543.

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